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Robson's cli

The robson cli gives you a lot of commands to helps you create and run your robson projects

Running .rbsn

$ robson [path_to_the_rbsn] \n

Compiling and running .robson

$ robson [path_to_the_robson] \n

For compiling a .robson you specify a .robson file and add the "compile" flag

$ robson [path_to_robson] compile \n

For running is the same except we use the "run" flag

$ robson [path_to_robson] run \n

All the .rbsn files are placed in the out folder inside your project.

The general use for robson's cli is:

$ robson { [--flags] || [path_to_file] [?file_flags] } \n


  1. --version, display the robson installed version
  2. --generate, input a string and convert it robson's push
  3. --chars, press a key to get its ascii value
  4. --boxes, a litlle showcase of box drawing characters

file flags

  1. compile, will compile a .robson into a .rbsn
  2. run, will compile then run a .robson
  3. time, will show the run time of a .rbsn
  4. print, will print the commands inside a .rbsn